Perform Data Examples

Perform Data Examples

In this section you will find the dataset for two PD patients.


Each folder contains:

  • A "Signals" folder
    This folder contains two sub-folders.
    Each one contains the collected signal for a specific day.
    There are a total of 8 h of adquired data for each day.
    There is one .txt file generated for each hour.
    The name of the .txt files indicates information about the session as follows: E.g.: LOG_PDSL-1 (04)_20110318100011000_20110318110010000 :
    • LOG_PDSL-1 (04) -> defines the logger used durirng the adquisition session;
    • 20110318100011000 -> defines the start time of the session with the following format: YYYYMMDDHHMMSSMMM;
    • 20110318110010000 -> defines the end time of the session with the following format: YYYYMMDDHHMMSSMMM;
    The format of each .txt file is Time,Sens_pos; where Sens_pos is a list of the position of each sensor for all axis.
    To understand the correct position please take in account this legend:
    • WS = Waist (Belt Sensor);
    • LW = Left Wrist
    • RW = Right Wrist
    • LL = Left Leg
    • RL = Right Leg
    • G = Gyroscope
    • A = Accelerometer
    • X,Y,Z = The 3-axis of the sensor.
    E.g.: LLAY = y axis of the accelerometer of the left leg.
  • Diary_PTX -> This file contains the subjective diary filled in by the patient along the day.
  • PatientX_UPDRS&DATA ->This file contains the information about the patient and the UPDRS evaluation from a Neurologist both in ON and OFF condition.


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