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WP 1 Project Management

Work package title: Project Management


  • To effectively monitor the project, in administrative, technical and financial terms.
  • To guarantee a proper co-ordination across work activities, components and partners in order to achieve the overall project objectives within time and budget constraints.
  • To assure the high quality of the project outcomes.
  • To offer the necessary interface with the EU services.


WP 2 Exploitation and dissemination activities

Work package title: Exploitation and dissemination activities


The key objectives of this work package are the development of both a promotion & dissemination plan as well as a business plan and exploitation plan for the PERFORM project framework .More specifically, the work package goals can be summarized as follows:

  • To disseminate information about the existence and nature of the project problems and tasks to be addressed. Expected results will be disseminated through multimedia dissemination material and to the widest possible range of stakeholders that would be interested.
  • To widely disseminate achievements, intermediate results and final project results through International Conferences, scientific publications and workshops and exhibitions. It will be also an opportunity to discuss, exchange input and evaluation results on the same issues from all relevant stakeholders and special interest groups.
  • To develop and purchase dissemination material for the project in several formats.
  • To extract market characteristics and to determine the current market trends and the present relevant systems / products.
  • To draw up an explicit business and exploitation plan that will be incorporated to the existing commercial activities of the project partners. These plans will also possibility the creation of alliances with all the key actors involved.
  • To perform a cost benefit analysis at the level of each module.
  • To evaluate the project’s results from a cost-effectiveness perspective.
  • To define the rules of exploitation of the results.


WP 3 User Requirements and System Design

Work package title: User Requirements and System Design


  • To identify PERFORM system potential users
  • To analyse users needs
  • To obtain the global system architecture and functional specifications

WP 4 Implementation of the Remote Motor Behaviour Recorder

Work package title: Implementation of the Remote Motor Behaviour Recorder


  • To design and manufacture the wireless sensors for PERFORM monitoring module
  • To validate the acquired sensors in a laboratory environment in order to verify their correct performance
  • To design and develop the PERFORM Integrated wearable device
  • To perform standard tests for clinical and clinical-type sensors and circuitry (safety, EMC, standards compliance)
  • To integrate the purchased sensors into the Multi-sensor Monitoring Module
  • To develop the prototype of the Remote Motor Behaviour Recorder

WP 5 Implementation of the Central Hospital Processor

Work package title: Implementation of the Central Hospital Processor


  • To develop the central hospital processor to be used by medical doctors and health professionals
  • To provide a framework to all data fusion modules developers, aiming to improve the homogeneity and the effectiveness of data fusion solutions
  • To further process the classified signals sent from patient base unit.
  • To assess and to integrate common data fusion tools.

WP 6 User Interfaces, Communication and Security

Work package title: User Interfaces, Communication and Security


  • To define the requirements of the audiovisual interfaces that will be developed, in order to assure multimodality, accessibility, interactivity, personalization and adaptability to the users’ capabilities.
  • To develop, at the early stages of the project, a mock up of the user interfaces in order to enable end users to get a better understanding of the system to be developed and retrieve their feedback. At this point, two sets of interfaces will be built: one for the doctors and another one for the patients/caregivers that will be adaptable to each category’s profile.
  • To develop intelligent and personalized user interfaces those comprise advanced interaction methods with the neurodegenerative patients, such as speech and visual output.
  • To develop and place large print key labels on each character, number and punctuation mark of the keyboard of the user interface.
  • To develop training material and other reference material that will explain the user how to use the system.
  • To implement the communication module between the Remote Motor Behaviour Recorder and the Central Hospital Processor
  • To guarantee the security, safety, confidentiality, integrity and privacy of patients’ data, processed by the health professionals and transmitted between the Remote Motor Behaviour Recorder and the Central Hospital Processor (Point of Care) while maintaining easy data access.

WP 7 System Integration, Testing and Evaluation

Work package title: System Integration, Testing and Evaluation


  • To integrate all the PERFORM components into a functional environment, providing all required services.
  • To verify and validate the individual performance of each module that shall be used to regulate the functions of the system and to integrate them.
  • To verify and validate the correct operation of the system as a unified entity.
  • To perform test to technically evaluate the complete system.

WP 8 Pilots

Work package title: Pilots


  • To define the scenarios and context for the pilots sites.
  • To detect potential enablers and obstacles for the pilots execution.
  • To define the clinical validation protocol for the PERFORM system assessment.
  • To conduct the PERFORM system assessment and validation in the pilot sites.
  • To analyse the applicability of the PERFORM platform for monitoring Parkinson-Plus syndromes.

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