Perform Data Examples


Cycle I:

Normal Individuals to test initial approach

Phase I

A pre-prototype sensors setting for daily monitoring will be used, to allow testing the system idea and familiarise the clinicians with the use of wearable sensors. Initially, the system will be tested on the clinicians themselves and will allow the technical partners to collect sensor data and deploy the initial set of algorithms for symptoms’ detection and quantification. During this phase, the Consortium envisages to identify issues that might obstruct the system usage, which will be taken into account in the design of the first wearable system prototype to be used on patients.

Total number of participants: 20 normal subjects (10 in UOI, 10 in UNAV)

Cycle II:

Patients in controlled environment to collect data

Phase II

The second phase will introduce this initial daily monitoring prototype to the patients, and will focus on collecting data from real patients during on and off states under close medical supervision. At the same time, the third patient prototype will be prepared incorporating the administration of any risen issues during Phase II, and all system intelligence will be adapted to the real patient data.

Total number of participants: 32 PD patients (20 in UOI, 12 in UNAV)

Cycle III:

Patients at home to test initial version

Phase III

The third phase will introduce the PERFORM system, including the daily monitoring test devices, to the patient and will be used to evaluate the system performance in detecting and quantifying patient symptoms in order to verify the developed algorithms.

Total number of participants: 24 PD patients (12 in UOI, 12 in UNAV)

Cycle IV:

Patients at home with final PERFORM system

Phase IV

After the finalization of the third phase, the integrated and final PERFORM system will be introduced to the final group of patients for the final system evaluation.

Total number of participants: 36 patients (20 PD patients in NEUROMO for regular tests, 4 PD patients in NEUROMO for mid-term tests, 5 patients with Parkinson-plus diseases in NEUROMO, 5 patients with Parkinson-plus diseases in UNAV, 2 patients with Parkinson-plus diseases in UOI)

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